art&music…the play of colours in the mind

can set your heart leaping

your troubles dancing out the door

to where they belong…


…some distance from you

not sat upon you or stuck inside you


you can sort them

more calmly in the light of day

and you’re with friends


art&music can give you a better perspective on life

for you can confront trouble

so much better when it’s shared

and does not haunt you

Suns in Limitless Space

Life had so little prepared me for such depth of attachment.

I suddenly found necessity for action where before I would have resigned all mankind to fate.

I stood at the doorway to previously-unknown experiences…. For as ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ so also is sincerity of passion requited the drive for the soul finding voice and attainment.

Once you have glimpsed and indeed been enveloped in the shining light of another soul’s inner furnace it gives vent to what might have been previously untapped in yours.

It takes desire to have been admired for even greater unleashing of one’s passion to become expressible.

There is infinite space yet finite atmosphere. Worlds are like theatres for the souls. Under microscopes and through ever finer scrutiny of “what matters” you find that what matters cannot be weighed or bought.

There are pulses set up, flows and vibrations, of energy, of light, of all that God has created and continues to create. What happens to time and space is that it continues but our lives are like tiny flickers of what lies inside our minds.

Each and every mind is like a tiny inkling of a hidden burning furnace. When grouped into civilised societies there can be sufficient peace and concurrence of lives that great art forms become possible…

Symphonies and harmonies, scintillating performances from the hearts of the great musicians, composers, writers, playwrights and painters of masterpieces

are created

with the power to overcome base bloodthirst.



How do you break the cycle of death?

Build greatness through humour – playfulness – for it is in games that spirits are released, conditions are made right.